• £110 per 50 minutes for self-funding therapy
  • Training, consultancy and supervision quotes on request

I offer both. I feel that it is important that you choose which input is best suited to your needs. My clinic base is at The Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre in Swindon. My remote sessions are usually held over the Zoom platform

This is the time to check out whether I am the therapist best suited to you, and what your aims are for therapy. I will ask some questions about your current concerns and your history, though will be led by what you feel comfortable discussing. After all we will have just met. You will have the chance to ask questions and I would encourage you to voice any anxieties you may have about the therapy process. There is no obligation to book in for further sessions.

This depends on you as an individual and the type of therapy you are undertaking. Some models are more structured and can be short term from around 4-10 sessions. Other approaches may require 20+ sessions. I like to ensure therapy is empowering and enabling, so we will review regularly whether we are meeting our aims and when it feels appropriate to end therapy.

It is usually most helpful to meet weekly or fortnightly. Monthly can be appropriate for maintenance sessions or if therapy is winding down

No I am not trained to prescribe or advise on medication. I would encourage you to discuss with your GP.

I believe that in crisis the best approach is to be cared for by a multi-disciplinary team with access to other resources such as hospital admission. I would therefore direct people in crisis to their local NHS services (or A&E / 999 in an emergency). However, I am happy to work alongside such services if appropriate and part of our work together may involve crisis planning.